Welcome to L3xicon, your trusted Private Label manufacturer with over 15 years experience in the industry and thousands of happy clients worldwide. We believe in providing exceptional customer support coupled with expert knowledge in industry trends as part of our strong commitment to helping our client partners build and grow their private label businesses.

Our ultimate goal is to manufacture world-class quality products through an efficient, streamlined system. In today’s rapidly evolving private label business world, it is important to partner with a reliable manufacturer who’ll help you stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business. In L3xicon, you have a trusted partner whose aim is to meet and exceed your business requirements.


We manufacture a wide range of products in diverse fields and categories including beauty and cosmetics, nutrition and supplements, vitamins, beverages and foods, shoes, apparel and clothing, packaging and printing, and electronics just to mention a few. We have been providing turnkey solutions in other industries including process engineering solutions, assembly of steel structures, the chemical industry, agricultural engineering, and heavy industry.

You can count on our support and commitment in every step of the way from product development and manufacturing to packaging and adherence to your local compliance laws and regulations. We work closely with our client partners in developing their products, designing unique packages, and inventory management. At Lexicon, you are guaranteed of world-class services in developing new products or duplicating existing products.

We believe our strength lies in the success of our customers which is why we go a long way to providing exceptional customer satisfaction. We have reached where we are today by building trustworthy relationships with partner clients across the world. We do not just deliver world-class products but provide excellent value to our customers too.

Contact our friendly support team today and learn how we can help you take your private label business to the next level.