Are you a private label supplements marketer looking for high-quality products with your name, logo, and design on the package?

We have the perfect solution for you. At L3xicon, you are guaranteed of every type of supplement from tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids to soft gels, top grade raw materials and your own custom formulas.

As one of the top leading supplement manufacturers, we provide high-quality packaging and custom label designs to brand and grow your business. Take advantage of our flexible terms for both small and large orders. Our customer service is always ready 24/7 to connect you with one of our dedicated product development consultants.

We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of supplements but we understand that our strength lies in our customers’ satisfaction. We go a long way to maintaining the best relationships with our customers. At L3xicon, it’s not just about delivering high-quality supplements but providing exceptional value to our customers. This is why we always deliver the best quality supplements on time 100% of the time.

We have low minimums and do not charge set-up fees for most of our label designs. We’ll even design a custom label just for you.

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Why Choose L3xicon?

L3xicon is one of the top supplement manufacturers with a global reach. We work with private label supplements companies from all over the world. We have, over the years, helped to improve lives of people, families, and companies that rely on our products.

We attribute our success to the long-term relationships we have so far established with private label vitamin manufacturers across the world. Our strong and dedicated workforce enjoys exceptional employee satisfaction and long-term retention, which is why we have maintained a team of professional experts all along. Our customers benefit from the knowledge and commitment of our dedicated workforce. We have built strong long-term partnerships in every step of our supply chain. Our success, as we believe, is measured by the success of our partners. This is why we provide continuous service and protection to our customers’ brands and franchises.

Unrivaled Service

L3xicon’s product line and superior customer support are unrivaled in the supplements manufacturing industry. We provide thousands of product combinations for a wide variety of supplements.

All our supplement products are USDA Organic, Halal, and Kosher. We go to a great length to ensure that the products we manufacture meet your customer’s needs. The ingredients used in manufacturing our supplements come with an analysis certificate to ensure that they meet our strict raw materials standards. We’ll even provide you with special trademarked ingredients and custom formulas as per your requirements.

At L3xicon, we believe in manufacturing top grade supplements and reliable on-time delivery of inventory to our clients. We save you time and money.

What Sets Us Apart From The Other Supplement Manufacturers?

The key objective of supplement manufacturers is to deliver exceptional products, help white label companies build their brands, and support them in every step of the way. However, it takes an exceptional supplement manufacturer to deliver such a turnkey solution. At L3xicon, we have enough experience, skills, and knowledge to provide our customers with a suite of services under one roof. We are glad to provide the same high-quality service to you and your private labeling company.

So, what sets us apart from the rest?

  • We provide a customer-centric approach to help you grow your supplements business

Enjoy exceptional customer service from our dedicated team right from the time you contact us to the moment we deliver your order and afterwards. We have professional production specialists ready to handle your account and ensure that every question or concern you may have is taken care of promptly. We ensure that the finished product you finally receive meets your expectations. All our highly trained members of staff have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

  • Timely services

As a leading supplements manufacturer, we don’t just provide the best production services but offer expert label and packaging designs too. As part of our order fulfillment services, label and packaging design ensure fast turnaround times. Packaged product delivery ensures that your supplements hit the market earlier than your competitors.

  • We have a fully stocked raw materials inventory

We maintain a fully stocked inventory of high raw materials at all times. This helps to create custom production of supplements that meet your customers’ needs without delay.

  • Strict adherence to industry regulations

Every supplement we manufacture adheres to industry regulations and requirements. Our supplements are manufactured in a modern facility that is certified by FDA and other regulatory authorities.

  • Highest quality control checks

We not only manufacture our supplements in a state of the art facility that meets all the required standards but we also undertake stringent quality control checks at every step of the production process. Our sophisticated labs monitor and control every environmental factor that can potentially affect the purity, potency, and preservation of our products.

  • We allow you to test and verify our products

All our supplements are kosher, gluten-free, and organic. We’ll allow you to test for kosher certification or any other requirement you may need to verify upon request.

Choose A Formula Or Create A Unique One For Your Customers

If you don’t have a custom formula developed yet, our professional team will help you create and manufacture your own unique supplement and introduce it to your customers. We have experts in all supplement categories from weight loss, cardiovascular, joint support, anti-aging, immune support, children’s health, multi-vitamins, antioxidants, sports nutrition etc.

Alternatively, you can pick any one of our formulas and adjust it to your liking. We provide guidance and expert advice on diverse supplement factors such as absorption, safety considerations, and bioavailability.

Choose Your Own Flavors And Colors

You may want to add a color or flavor to your product to make it more appealing and palatable to your customers. It is important to let us know which flavor or color you prefer to have in your supplements. This will help us design the product and its label appropriately. We provide a wide range of flavors including strawberry, mango, chocolate etc.

Choose Your Type Of Container

We understand that the type of packaging you choose for your supplement product is as important as the product itself. We offer a wide variety of container types including plastic bottles, glass bottles, stick packs for powders, blister packs, and sachets or pouches. Each type of container is designed for different products and uses.

Most of our private label supplements customers prefer standard white bottles. We use PET bottles due to their high plastic sheen which looks appealing on a shelf. We can even provide you with HDPE matte finish bottles at your request. Glass bottles are also available although they come at an additional per-unit cost. Most single serve supplements, powders, and drink mixes are packaged in stick packs and pouches.

All our product containers conform to industry packaging standards and are free from toxic compounds that may affect the quality of the supplements.

High-Quality Label Designs

As soon as your line of products or custom formula has been manufactured, your personal product development consultant will advise you on the packaging and label designs best suited for your target market.

From past experience, we have learned that many customers come to us without an idea of which label design to use in marketing their products. Label design is a crucial aspect of your supplements business. Sales are either made or lost simply by the type of label used in presenting the product to the consumers. You should pay close attention to the design, style, colors, information, and images used on your labels. Remember, your goal is to build a brand that customers will easily recognize and trust so ensure that you design a label that is unique for all your products.

We’ll help you design your label carefully. Your personal product development consultant will ensure that you make an appealing label that will help create a value impression in your customers’ minds. If you already have an existing label design for your products, we’ll gladly use it to package your order but if you don’t, we’ll help you create a striking memorable design for your brand.

Low Minimum Without Setup Fees

At L3xcon, we don’t charge setup fees for our services. We process all orders without low minimum restrictions. Our goal is to help you succeed in your superior supplements business. The success of your brand is our success too.

A Diverse Range Of Options

We are here to help you succeed whatever your needs in the supplements industry are. We are a leading manufacturer of top grade supplements including tablets, soft gel caps, capsules, creams, and powders just to mention a few. Many private label supplements brands and companies across the world can attest to our professional approach in development and manufacturing of supplements.

We’ll help you develop a successful Private Label if you do not have one already. We also deliver products in bulk, if you prefer bulk orders. For trade inquiries or to learn more about how we can help you create custom formulas call us on telephone number…or fill the form on this page.