L3xicon: Your Trusted Private Label Manufacturers

22 June 17

Beauty and Cosmetics

We manufacture high-quality beauty and cosmetics products that meet all your private label needs. Our company is recognized by private label companies across the world for its innovative approach and attention to detail. We cater to both large and small beauty and cosmetics clients worldwide including salons, dermatologists, beauty schools, make-up artists, estheticians, and wholesale cosmetic dealers.


Nutrition, Supplements, and Vitamins

L3xicon is your trusted vitamins and nutrition supplements manufacturer. Our professional laboratory scientists and formulators ensure that your products have undergone in-depth research and development, stringent quality control testing, and meticulous analysis before the order is dispatched. Our objective is to provide you with outstanding quality nutrition supplements and vitamin products.


Beverages and Foods

We have a highly efficient and well streamlined beverages and food production system capable of manufacturing large volumes to suit your customers’ demands. Our large volume production capability allows us to provide our private label customers with low pricing and timely turnaround times. In today’s rapidly evolving food and beverages industry, it is crucial to deal with a reliable manufacturer who’ll help you stay ahead of the competition and grow your business. We shall be with you in every step of the way from manufacturing and packaging to adhering to the necessary quality requirements in your locality.


Shoes, Apparel, and Clothing

We manufacture high-quality clothing and apparel that meet all your private label needs. At L3xicon, we are well-known not just for the high-quality and comfortable clothing that we manufacture but for our outstanding customer service too. With us, your private label order for all types of apparel and shoes is in safe hands. We provide a wide range of custom apparel and shoes’ services including re-labeling and custom designs.


Packaging and Printing

You can rely on our professional design team for all your custom packaging and printing needs. Our team of experts is skilled in every type of product packaging and custom printing. Simply choose your custom colors and designs and leave the rest to us. We’ll even help you design your own unique labels.

circuit board

We manufacture a wide range of electronic products that meet your design, performance, and branding needs. L3xicon is your reliable manufacturer of private label electronics and re-branded products.

If you are you looking for a private label products line in large or small quantities and with your name on it, then you are in the right place. Lexicon is your trusted private label manufacturer in diverse industries.

At Lexicon, we maintain a consistently ready supply of different types of components and finished goods to meet all your private label needs. We have a wide range of custom labeling variations and combinations that give a unique look and feel to your finished goods.

Sourcing your private label products from our company gives you many advantages including low minimums, timely production and delivery, customization, and zero or low product development costs depending on your order. You have the option to order from a few pieces to several hundred items. We’ll manufacture the products and even help you with packaging and labeling. Our goal is to help you build your brand fast without extremely large inventory costs.

At L3xicon, we provide the best private label manufacturing for different industries and categories.

Having a private label is one of the most effective ways of marketing your company. Give your company a unique identity on the market with innovative and custom-made products. We are here to help you succeed. Contact our friendly support team to learn more.

At L3xicon, we provide the best private label manufacturing for different industries and categories including the following:

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